The Unhealthy Haunting Halloween

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Happy Monday! I am excited to start a new Monday blog post every week for all of you Healthy Lubbock followers. These blogs will consist of a variety of healthy, easy to follow tips and fun local activities.

With the Fall weather coming in strong and Halloween approaching, the lovely, warming and delicious fall flavors of sweet pumpkin, caramel apple and the savory ham and turkey aromas fill the air. These sweet and savory temptations are advertised everywhere and Halloween candy is at every store, front and center. The temptations are strong and grueling to turn down. Believe me, I go through the same rollercoaster during Halloween. Some days you are strong and turn down the free candy, other days you fall short and give into the temptation. Well, I am here to shut down the Halloween rollercoaster!

Healthy Tips for Halloween Party Days:

  • Eat a full nutrient dense meal before a party.
  • Go for an extra-long walk or run on the high calorie consuming days.
  • Buy and hand-out snack size sweets, pretzels, popcorn or even dark chocolate covered fruit!
  • You can make fun healthy snacks for everyone in the family; like fruit monsters, vegetable jack-o-lanterns, or banana ghosts.

On top of all those delicious tips, there are fun outdoor Halloween activities all around Lubbock! You can go to the Lubbock downtown farmers market this Saturday (October 28) to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables to make those healthy Halloween treats, or you can take the family to the At’l Do Farms Corn Maize off of FM1294 in Lubbock. This twisted corn maze will take you around the farm where you can also enjoy hayrides and barn yard animals. You can find out more Information about these two fun filled Halloween events by scrolling below and clicking the link.

I wish everyone a fun, safe and healthy haunting Halloween!

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