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We all know it is important for each meal of our day to be nutritious and balanced. However, we all have jobs, kids and/or school that takes our time away from being able to cook every meal! Consequently, we give in and go to the nearest drive-thru restaurant or gas station to satisfy our growling bellies. After that drive-thru burger or 99 cent bag of chips we feel guilty or straight up yucky from eating the foods that we know are not good for us. So, the main question is… Where can we go to get a quick and healthy meal or snack?

To help you all out, I have created a list of some of my favorite quick, easy and healthy stops in Lubbock:

Healthy Meals To-Go.

  1. The Good: This place is great! It is located on 82nd and Abbeville and is stock full of healthy meals. A huge plus to Healthy Meals To-Go is that these meals are already packaged, serving sizes are measured out, and nutrition info is on the container. They have food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. Their menu has everything from vegetarian options to steak fajitas, but the best part is almost everything on the menu is under 600 calories and made with whole foods, nothing is processed.
  2. The Bad: The one down fall to this place is they close pretty early,  8pm during the week and 7pm on the weekends.

Healthy Essentials

  1. The Good: This would have to be my next favorite place to stop and get a healthy meal or smoothie. Yes, this place sells smoothies, and coffee as well! Healthy Essentials is also located on 82nd street and Abbeville. This restaurant is like a smoothie king and Starbucks combined. It has a drive -thru, but has fresher foods, more food options, better smoothies and a less noisy, crowded seating area. I love stopping here between class and work to grab a smoothie or salad and work on homework. This is also a great place for a lunch date!
  2. The Bad: The one down fall to Healthy Essentials is that I find the prices a bit high.

Vitality Bowls

  1. The Good: If you have heard of the famous acai bowls, and the super-food smoothie bowls, but have yet to have one, this is the place to go! Vitalities is located by the Texas Tech Campus on Glenna Goodacre Blvd. They serve acai bowls, smoothie bowls, smoothies, fresh juices, cold brew coffee, as well as paninis. I love going to Vitalities to get an acai bowl for lunch or a small smoothie for a mid-day snack. Though service can be slow, it is because everything is fresh and made when you order!
  2. The Bad: The three downfalls to this place is that parking is limited, service can be slow and prices are pretty high.

Those are my Top 3 places to go for quick healthy meals or snacks, but there are other great places too. Lite Bite, The Watering Well, Panera and even Market Street have healthy options and are available to go.

I hope you go and try out these healthy places and start replacing your fast food stops for one of these!

Have a happy and healthy Monday!

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