National Public Health Week- How Can You Show Your Support?

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According to Chronic Disease Data on, in 2016 33.7% of Texas adults suffer from obesity. This is larger than your national average. To add on to that shocking statistic, in 2015, 68.2% of Texans enrolled in Medicare, have 2 or more chronic conditions. Even with all the health awareness efforts, and the pushes to eat heather and exercise more, these statistics are shocking and have been rising since 2011. National Public Health Week aims to raise awareness of these problems and all chronic illnesses and diseases that affect our communities.

This year National Public Health Week (NPHW) is April 2nd-6th, and has a list of daily themes that you and anyone else can focus on for that day to help raise awareness. Below is the list of themes and how YOU can help promote awareness.

  • April 2nd– Behavioral Health
    • You can: Advocate for and promote well-being. Provide support, and encourage seeking treatment for friends and loved ones that suffer.
  • April 3rd– Communicable Diseases
    • You can: Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission. Know your status, keep yourself and your surroundings sanitized. Provide support for those suffering from these diseases.
  • April 4th– Environmental Health
    • You can: Help to protect and maintain a healthy planet by reducing carbon emission, recycling, carpooling, using public transit or walking and biking if your destination is close enough.
  • April 5th– Injury and Violence Prevention
    • You can: Learn about the effects of injury and violence on health. Support occupation health and safety standards, and policies that suffer from those struggling with addiction.
  • April 6th– Ensuring the Right to Health
    • You can: Advocate everyone’s right to a healthy life. Support this where you live, work, and learn.

You can find more information about NPHW at

Remember when supporting people with these diseases, leave the treatment and assistance to the professionals.

Supporting NPHW and other programs through social media, calls, e-mails or word of mouth is your best way to help promote awareness!

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Wishing everyone a long, happy and healthy life!


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