The Impossible Burger!

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Have you heard of the new veggie burgers that look, feel, taste and even bleed like a beef burger? I know what you are thinking, NO WAY! That is impossible. Well, Impossible Foods in Silicon Valley, California made it possible with what they call The Impossible Burger. This new health “fad” is slowly making its debut in surrounding states. This new meatless bleeding burger is made using the heme found in plant roots, which is very similar to the heme in animal products. Heme is an iron-containing molecule that is most abundant in blood, it is believed to be why a burgers taste and feel the way they do. Impossible foods extracted this heme form plants and added into these veggie burgers, that now have all the mouthwatering characteristics of a beef burger.

This all seems great, right? Well, there are some concerns and questions, that vegetarians, health nuts and even beef burger lovers are asking… What are the nutritional benefits, if there are any? Is it really healthier than just a beef patty? The answers to those questions are not simple, and are inconclusive. With this being such a new development, little research and comparisons have been done.  But with the help of some articles and reports I am going to give you broad answer to what the Impossible Burger brings to our growing health cautious world.

From a nutrient content stand point, this meatless bleeding burger is not significantly “healthier” than a beef burger. By healthier, I mean the calories, fat, protein content of the patties alone is relatively the same in a 3 oz. impossible burger and a 3 oz., 80% lean beef patty. In fact, the sodium content and saturated fat content is higher in the impossible burger. Therefore, for someone who has high blood pressure or hypertension, the impossible burger would not be the best choice for them. With that said, for a normal, healthy adult this impossible burger may be a good option. Here is why; though the saturated fat and sodium levels are high, there is no cholesterol because it is made from only vegetables. On top of that, for those picky eaters who do not like vegetables this is a great way to get your vegetable servings in and getting those essential vitamins and minerals vegetables contain.

Generally, like most things in nutrition, the impossible burger may or may not be a “healthier” option depending on the person. In a nutritional content comparison the 80% lean beef patty and the impossible patty are very similar, the one major advantage the impossible patty has is the serving of vegetables in it. Most Americans do not get the recommended amount of vegetables in their diet, so eating one of these can help them get their vital nutrients.

There are so many new diet “fads” in our world now days, always make sure to do your research and talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian before starting any new diet.

Stay healthy everyone and happy Monday!

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