Having a Thinner Winter

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The rollercoaster weather that happens in Lubbock is starting to slow down and winter is approaching. The crisp breeze, more like strong gust here, dazzling Christmas lights, warm fireplaces, and the wonderful aromas of warm, comfortable, winter foods are all the things that embody the winter season.

Hot chocolate, steaming soup and melty grilled cheeses’ are just a few of the winter comfort foods I remember eating as a child after playing out in what little snow we get in Texas. The sweet peppermint mocha from Starbucks is one of my favorite winter indulgences! These delightful winter sweets are tempting and available everywhere.

As an adult now those few extra winter pounds are a struggle every year and seem to sneak up very quickly! I also find it difficult to find fruits and vegetables in the grocery store that are in season and look fresh. This just makes cooking a well-balanced meal in the winter more difficult.

Luckily, through some research I found fruits and vegetables that harvest in the winter that may help keep those winter pounds off and will make a well balanced meal achievable and delicious!

Fruits and Veggies More Matters is where I got this list of delicious winter produce:

  • Brussel sprouts
  • Collard Greens
  • Dates
  • Squash
  • Kale
  • Kiwi
  • Pears
  • Sweet dumpling squash
  • Pomegranates
  • Oranges and many citrus fruits

Those are just a few off the list from their website. That website is also filled with other great health tips like meal planning!

So next time you are at the store head to the produce section and look for these items to make tasty and healthy winter meals, like Brussel sprouts and roasted winter squash hash!

I hope you have a yummy and thinner winter!





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