Thank a Farmer!

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If you enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes then this is the week for you! This week is national farm city week and there are several ways to celebrate this fresh week in Lubbock.

National Farm City week is always the week before thanksgiving, which is the perfect time to think about the kinds of foods you want to prepare for family and friends and where those foods come from. Downtown Farmers Market, The Orchard and Sunburst Market are all fantastic local places to get locally grown and fresh produce. Many have meat and fish available for purchase as well, which makes thanksgiving shopping a breeze! Cooking with fresh foods not only makes the dish taste better, but also adds more available nutrients to the dish. A day like thanksgiving calls for higher quality foods, and the farmers markets are perfect for this!

Many people, including myself, do not think about where their berries, apples, or carrots are coming from or what work goes into producing them. The truth is, it takes a lot of work and time to put the produce on the shelves. Many farmers have to deal with a lot of variables when it comes to farming: including the soil they are plating in, the weather, animals eating the produce, healthy employees and safety hazards in picking and packaging the produce. These are the things we, as consumers, take for granted when swiftly taking the produce off the shelves.

So make an effort this week to go to a farmers market and if you get a chance to meet one of these hard working farmers, thank them for all the do and helping you stay healthy!

Thank you farmers!

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