Do You Sleep Enough?

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Happy Monday! This week is sleep awareness week, if you are like me and love your sleep, you will want to know some facts and tips on having a great night sleep! An article written by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, gave some great information on … Read More

Is a Low Carb Diet for You?

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High carb, low carb, no carb, which diet is the best for you? Carbohydrate consumption is a constant debate in the health world. In the eyes of the public, carbs can lead to weight gain, bloating, and a muffin top that no one wants. However, in the health world, carbohydrates … Read More

The Impossible Burger!

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Have you heard of the new veggie burgers that look, feel, taste and even bleed like a beef burger? I know what you are thinking, NO WAY! That is impossible. Well, Impossible Foods in Silicon Valley, California made it possible with what they call The Impossible Burger. This new health … Read More

Avoid the Flu!

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As the weather keeps changing and the Lubbock winds keep blowing the flu season is hitting hard. The headaches, body aches, coughs, sore throats, sniffles and fatigue are just a few of the terrible symptoms that come with the flu. But with the help of CDC I have given you … Read More

Exercising Changed My Outlook!

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It’s Monday! So appropriately, my blog today will be a “motivational Monday” story. I am going to tell you how exercising regularly and eating right changed my outlook. I grew up a very active girl, my parents put me in many sports at a young age. Gymnastics, though, was my … Read More

New Year, New Resolution!

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Are you like many other people and set the same New Year resolution every year to “lose weight”, “exercise more” or “eat healthier”, but then let it slip a few months in… And repeat the cycle the following New Year? Well, I have a new resolution you can try that … Read More

What to Serve the Health Conscious Elves

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It is the Monday before Christmas and you do not know what you are going to cook for all your brothers, sister, in-laws, children, and grandparents coming over for dinner. Not to mention, your extremely health conscious sister in-law who never eats Christmas dinner because it has “too much fat”, … Read More